Thursday, October 27, 2016

Project preplanning saves time and costs

We have previous posts which refer to this very subject. However, as we still see this circumstance all too often we thought it appropriate to briefly touch upon this subject once again.

In the State of Colorado it is REQUIRED to have all materials which will be disturbed during the course of renovation TESTED for content of asbestos both commercial and residential. Although it has taken years (and many, many thousands of dollars in violation fees and the fines which are levied) for other trades (generally speaking) to really understand the importance of adhering to this law, many more flooring contractors, H VAC contractors, drywall contractors, general contractors are requiring these tests be conducted by or at the expense of the home-owner prior to beginning their project.

As an informed home-owner please consider locking in your asbestos remediation contractor prior to your general contractor to avoid significant delay, additional expense, contamination, or worse. Have your asbestos remediation planned and ready to move forward, prior to stepping into other phases of your home-improvement plan.

Recommended asbestos remediation contractors;