Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Colorado home renovation asbestos contamination

The housing Real Estate market has certainly been active this year.  Interest rates have incouraged the buyer whether the first time home owner, experienced buyer, investor/developer.  Many homes have been purchased with the intention of home improvement, renovation, restoration, or demolition for new build.  Please remember that in the State of Colorado any of these activities require asbestos testing of materials that will be impacted by your project. As the market has been active for such improvements we have also seen an increase in inappropriate asbestos material disturbance activity.  When this activity is dicovered by regulating agencies in Colorado "stop work orders" are posted on your project, notice of regulatory violation are issued, and in many cases punitive damages are dispersed to involved parties.  WE SEE THIS ALL THE TIME!  When this occurs what-ever your project budget, it's now completely out the window as asbestos spill response actions are costly.  Conducting the appropriate testing, along with the appropriate asbestos removal by a licensed contractor is the most ethical, economical, time efficient means of conducting your project.  Recommended asbestos services can be easily located at WWW.ASBESTOS-COLORADO.COM or WWW.RELIANCEABATEMENT.COM