Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Colorado home improvement mis-hap

All too often the type of work that occupies a licensed asbestos inspector, or licensed asbestos contractor in Colorado is the "home improvement" mis-hap. For a home-owner entering into a home improvement project with-out having first considered the posibility of asbestos content in the materials to be disturbed can become costly.

Did you know that there are violations and fines levied upon Colorado home improvement projects consistantly? Removing and disposing of asbestos building materials inappropriately in the State of Colorado is illegal. Many home improvement contractors even today are unaware or just don't care.

As a home-owner in Colorado educate yourself, hold your home improvement contractors to be responsible, and safe. Don't be left holding the "bag". Having to obsorb the expense of an asbestos clean-up during the course of an improvement project can really reek havac on your home improvement budget.