Thursday, October 27, 2016

Project preplanning saves time and costs

We have previous posts which refer to this very subject. However, as we still see this circumstance all too often we thought it appropriate to briefly touch upon this subject once again.

In the State of Colorado it is REQUIRED to have all materials which will be disturbed during the course of renovation TESTED for content of asbestos both commercial and residential. Although it has taken years (and many, many thousands of dollars in violation fees and the fines which are levied) for other trades (generally speaking) to really understand the importance of adhering to this law, many more flooring contractors, H VAC contractors, drywall contractors, general contractors are requiring these tests be conducted by or at the expense of the home-owner prior to beginning their project.

As an informed home-owner please consider locking in your asbestos remediation contractor prior to your general contractor to avoid significant delay, additional expense, contamination, or worse. Have your asbestos remediation planned and ready to move forward, prior to stepping into other phases of your home-improvement plan.

Recommended asbestos remediation contractors;

Friday, January 22, 2016


Recently the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Asbestos Division has made policy changes in the Colorado Asbestos requirements for the single family homeowner who owns a condominium in which the front entry door to your privately owned unit is adjoined by a common indoor hall-way to entry doorways of other privately owned condominium units.  Apparently, there has been at least one instance where inappropriate work has been conducted resulting in an asbestos contamination of either the common hall-way or other adjacent units.  I have copied the statement sent directly to us from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment regarding this policy change.

However, let me first point out that inappropriate behavior and inappropriate work practices by even a licensed contractor are ALWAYS a potential issue by unethical contractors whether your personal legal right to be known as a "PRIVATE RESIDENTIAL HOME" as opposed to an "area of public access" has been decided for you, on your behalf by a Government Agency or not.

We are asked many times through-out the year "Why is asbestos work for my home so costly?" Well....may we start by saying that regulatory requirement is what it is, abiding by these standards is absolutely necessary by an ethical Contractor.  This can increase costs for you at every aspect of your PRIVATE HOME RENOVATION beyond your control as well as beyond the control of your contractor who may in fact be ethical in their dealing with YOU the PRIVATE HOMEOWNER/CUSTOMER in attempt to conduct ethical work at a reasonable cost.

The following is the statement of policy change implemented by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment;

Name undisclosed,

I reviewed the abatement application for ADDRESS UNDISCLOSED, Denver CO 80216 and cannot approve it as an opt-out. Although this is the owners private residence, this complex shares closed common hallways with adjoining neighbors. Historically we had approved opt-outs for these type of complexes and found that other units within that complex had become contaminated. Since then it is our policy that opting out of the regulations could potentially expose neighbors within that complex; therefore abatement activities should fully comply with Colorado Regulation 8 Part B. Contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Cody Archuleta
Indoor Air Quality Unit