Friday, November 20, 2015

  Over the past year we have certainly recognized additional increased stringency on the part of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.  It has become increasingly costly and frustrating for a private home-owner to have asbestos removal projects conducted in a timely and efficient manner.  For example; If you have scheduled a carpet or floor replacement, bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, or any type of home remodel for that matter it is definitely in your best interest to have a licensed asbestos inspection performed well prior to your planned renovation. 

  If you should happen to have your flooring or carpet installer, or other remodel service provider arrive to discover potential asbestos containing products under other pre-existing flooring materials, wall materials, etc. or inform you of the possibility of the presence of asbestos fiber in any other product associated with your remodel this will most certainly delay your intended home improvement project.

  The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment REQUIRES ten (10) work days to process any request even if your new materials have arrived at your home and your contractor has been delayed and has had to walk away from the project. 

  In the past, the Department allowed the homeowner the benefit of explaining the NEWLY DISCOVERED presence of asbestos fiber in a product which was previously unknown to the home owner allowing them to request a waiver of the ten (10) work day processing requirement. However, this year there have been in house policy changes (not necessarily in the written regulatory requirement) which allow the asbestos permit processor the power to determine whether your NEWLY discovered asbestos material is in fact NEWLY discovered. AND does it warrant a waiver of the required ten (10) work days to process regardless of the financial impact and discomfort that the home-owner may experience while their home is left partially demolished, flooring been removed, or partially demolished? Be apprised that each of these situations is reviewed individually and may or may not warrant approval for your asbestos removal contractor to mobilize your project.

Bottom line: Do your own diligent investigation, request an asbestos inspection prior to beginning any portion of your project!!

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