Thursday, October 27, 2016

Project preplanning saves time and costs

We have previous posts which refer to this very subject. However, as we still see this circumstance all too often we thought it appropriate to briefly touch upon this subject once again.

In the State of Colorado it is REQUIRED to have all materials which will be disturbed during the course of renovation TESTED for content of asbestos both commercial and residential. Although it has taken years (and many, many thousands of dollars in violation fees and the fines which are levied) for other trades (generally speaking) to really understand the importance of adhering to this law, many more flooring contractors, H VAC contractors, drywall contractors, general contractors are requiring these tests be conducted by or at the expense of the home-owner prior to beginning their project.

As an informed home-owner please consider locking in your asbestos remediation contractor prior to your general contractor to avoid significant delay, additional expense, contamination, or worse. Have your asbestos remediation planned and ready to move forward, prior to stepping into other phases of your home-improvement plan.

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Friday, January 22, 2016


Recently the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Asbestos Division has made policy changes in the Colorado Asbestos requirements for the single family homeowner who owns a condominium in which the front entry door to your privately owned unit is adjoined by a common indoor hall-way to entry doorways of other privately owned condominium units.  Apparently, there has been at least one instance where inappropriate work has been conducted resulting in an asbestos contamination of either the common hall-way or other adjacent units.  I have copied the statement sent directly to us from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment regarding this policy change.

However, let me first point out that inappropriate behavior and inappropriate work practices by even a licensed contractor are ALWAYS a potential issue by unethical contractors whether your personal legal right to be known as a "PRIVATE RESIDENTIAL HOME" as opposed to an "area of public access" has been decided for you, on your behalf by a Government Agency or not.

We are asked many times through-out the year "Why is asbestos work for my home so costly?" Well....may we start by saying that regulatory requirement is what it is, abiding by these standards is absolutely necessary by an ethical Contractor.  This can increase costs for you at every aspect of your PRIVATE HOME RENOVATION beyond your control as well as beyond the control of your contractor who may in fact be ethical in their dealing with YOU the PRIVATE HOMEOWNER/CUSTOMER in attempt to conduct ethical work at a reasonable cost.

The following is the statement of policy change implemented by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment;

Name undisclosed,

I reviewed the abatement application for ADDRESS UNDISCLOSED, Denver CO 80216 and cannot approve it as an opt-out. Although this is the owners private residence, this complex shares closed common hallways with adjoining neighbors. Historically we had approved opt-outs for these type of complexes and found that other units within that complex had become contaminated. Since then it is our policy that opting out of the regulations could potentially expose neighbors within that complex; therefore abatement activities should fully comply with Colorado Regulation 8 Part B. Contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Cody Archuleta
Indoor Air Quality Unit

Friday, November 20, 2015

  Over the past year we have certainly recognized additional increased stringency on the part of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.  It has become increasingly costly and frustrating for a private home-owner to have asbestos removal projects conducted in a timely and efficient manner.  For example; If you have scheduled a carpet or floor replacement, bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, or any type of home remodel for that matter it is definitely in your best interest to have a licensed asbestos inspection performed well prior to your planned renovation. 

  If you should happen to have your flooring or carpet installer, or other remodel service provider arrive to discover potential asbestos containing products under other pre-existing flooring materials, wall materials, etc. or inform you of the possibility of the presence of asbestos fiber in any other product associated with your remodel this will most certainly delay your intended home improvement project.

  The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment REQUIRES ten (10) work days to process any request even if your new materials have arrived at your home and your contractor has been delayed and has had to walk away from the project. 

  In the past, the Department allowed the homeowner the benefit of explaining the NEWLY DISCOVERED presence of asbestos fiber in a product which was previously unknown to the home owner allowing them to request a waiver of the ten (10) work day processing requirement. However, this year there have been in house policy changes (not necessarily in the written regulatory requirement) which allow the asbestos permit processor the power to determine whether your NEWLY discovered asbestos material is in fact NEWLY discovered. AND does it warrant a waiver of the required ten (10) work days to process regardless of the financial impact and discomfort that the home-owner may experience while their home is left partially demolished, flooring been removed, or partially demolished? Be apprised that each of these situations is reviewed individually and may or may not warrant approval for your asbestos removal contractor to mobilize your project.

Bottom line: Do your own diligent investigation, request an asbestos inspection prior to beginning any portion of your project!!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Colorado Home Lending

Recently we have experienced a lender for a purchase of a Colorado home refuse to close for the buyers loan until a known asbestos containing material was removed by the seller.  We were shocked to see this and wondered the reason for this action from the lender. 

First, we wonder if they realize that it is in fact the "buyer" that would like the material removed, the "seller" has been living there for years with the material undisturbed and in "good" condition. How can they then nail the "seller" to the wall requiring a specific asbestos material be removed at thier expense? Will there be no loan for the buyer who intends upon removing the asbestos ceiling texture, or another known asbestos material utilizing a licensed Colorado asbestos removal contractor following the purchase of the property? What if niether party wanted to have the material removed at all, but left in place? Is there still no loan for the "buyer"?  And finally, is this same criteria utilized on ALL of the home loans from this lender which are given on homes built prior to 1989 in Colorado? Or just materials which are easily recognizable? Is this a trend that we can expect to develope?

We then wonder how many home loans this lender actually provides in the State of Colorado, given the fact that they are presumably unaware of the list of potentially containing asbestos fiber not to mention that asbestos has been found in current day construction materials. In the end we believe that the action of this lender was in defense of thier own liability, as they likely do not want to own yet another property with an asbestos issue should the loan be left in default.  It certainly would be wonderful to have feed back on this issue from some property brokers or lenders to get a feel for thier point of view.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Home remodeling

If you are planning a renovation or remodel of an existing home, please be sure that all of the asbestos suspect materials that will be disturbed have been tested prior to beginning this process with your selected General Contractor.  The testing of materials to be disturbed are required by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.  As the market in Colorado has increased the number of home-buyers who would like to improve or remodel to a more modern or personalized look and feel of thier home, so have the number of consumers who have paid far too much for environmental clean-up fees for improper removal and handling.  In most cases your asbestos contractor scope of work is minimal in comparison to the over-all project scope such as with a kitchen re-design, bath remodel, master bedroom or office improvement, or textures through-out the home.  As well as minimal in comparison to the over-all expense of your project. We have seen far too many home owners, residential developers, and remodel contractors who have approached an asbestos project from the back-end which generally means a potentially costly "clean-up".  Pre-planning the asbestos portion of your project will save you time, money, and is far more environmentally and community friendly.  We recommend the services of:  or for answers to your questions and to gather ideas on how your project may be approached to minimize your expenses.  Getting it right the first time is far more economical.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Over the recent couple of months following the flood damages in Boulder, Longmont, Lafayette, Estes Park, Lyons, and other areas through-out Colorado we have been witness to many disturbing circumstances.

We have seen many home-owners which have inappropriately removed, or demolished asbestos containing materials.  In turn, also inappropriately disposing of the material via placing friable asbestos materials in their drive-way, front side walk area, or lawn for pick up by the general waste pick up services.  We have also noticed that regulating agencies have virtually turned a blind eye, only encouraging such actions to take place as there is no repercussion.  We find this type of action to be in complete dis-regard for regulatory requirement, as well as potential effects to life and health not only for your own family but also for those that have been unknowingly exposed; such as neighbors, children who may be playing or passing near-by, not to mention those who have been placed into a position to pick-up and haul-away the asbestos waste that has been inappropriately placed outside, and future buyers of the property that may in fact be significantly contaminated with asbestos fiber which is known to create future long term health effects.  

As a future home-buyer in these areas we highly recommend you become aware of how renovation has been handled in the home you are purchasing.

On the other hand we have also witnessed home owners with intent upon conducting such clean up and renovation in a legal and safe means. Home owners who are cognisant of their own life and health and that of the people around them.  In some cases we have seen them be taken complete advantage of by poor workmanship ending in the contamination of their home and property despite their intent to have clean up conducted appropriately. Having been witness to these unfortunate circumstances it is clear that these individuals were in such a situation as to not have done their homework regarding the contractor they intend to utilize.

We highly encourage home owners to be sure that the contractor you are utilizing is a Colorado licensed asbestos contractor appropriately trained with certified personnel, has appropriate insurances, and a reputation that makes you feel comfortable about your decision.

Our recommended sites for such are;

Colorado Asbestos Professionals

Colorado Asbestos Information

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Colorado home renovation asbestos contamination

The housing Real Estate market has certainly been active this year.  Interest rates have incouraged the buyer whether the first time home owner, experienced buyer, investor/developer.  Many homes have been purchased with the intention of home improvement, renovation, restoration, or demolition for new build.  Please remember that in the State of Colorado any of these activities require asbestos testing of materials that will be impacted by your project. As the market has been active for such improvements we have also seen an increase in inappropriate asbestos material disturbance activity.  When this activity is dicovered by regulating agencies in Colorado "stop work orders" are posted on your project, notice of regulatory violation are issued, and in many cases punitive damages are dispersed to involved parties.  WE SEE THIS ALL THE TIME!  When this occurs what-ever your project budget, it's now completely out the window as asbestos spill response actions are costly.  Conducting the appropriate testing, along with the appropriate asbestos removal by a licensed contractor is the most ethical, economical, time efficient means of conducting your project.  Recommended asbestos services can be easily located at WWW.ASBESTOS-COLORADO.COM or WWW.RELIANCEABATEMENT.COM