Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Over the recent couple of months following the flood damages in Boulder, Longmont, Lafayette, Estes Park, Lyons, and other areas through-out Colorado we have been witness to many disturbing circumstances.

We have seen many home-owners which have inappropriately removed, or demolished asbestos containing materials.  In turn, also inappropriately disposing of the material via placing friable asbestos materials in their drive-way, front side walk area, or lawn for pick up by the general waste pick up services.  We have also noticed that regulating agencies have virtually turned a blind eye, only encouraging such actions to take place as there is no repercussion.  We find this type of action to be in complete dis-regard for regulatory requirement, as well as potential effects to life and health not only for your own family but also for those that have been unknowingly exposed; such as neighbors, children who may be playing or passing near-by, not to mention those who have been placed into a position to pick-up and haul-away the asbestos waste that has been inappropriately placed outside, and future buyers of the property that may in fact be significantly contaminated with asbestos fiber which is known to create future long term health effects.  

As a future home-buyer in these areas we highly recommend you become aware of how renovation has been handled in the home you are purchasing.

On the other hand we have also witnessed home owners with intent upon conducting such clean up and renovation in a legal and safe means. Home owners who are cognisant of their own life and health and that of the people around them.  In some cases we have seen them be taken complete advantage of by poor workmanship ending in the contamination of their home and property despite their intent to have clean up conducted appropriately. Having been witness to these unfortunate circumstances it is clear that these individuals were in such a situation as to not have done their homework regarding the contractor they intend to utilize.

We highly encourage home owners to be sure that the contractor you are utilizing is a Colorado licensed asbestos contractor appropriately trained with certified personnel, has appropriate insurances, and a reputation that makes you feel comfortable about your decision.

Our recommended sites for such are;

Colorado Asbestos Professionals

Colorado Asbestos Information